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Hi, I'm Peter, privileged to lead the A-level Economics Department at Nottingham High School for many years, with a record A*/A grade rate of 92.5% (A* = 62.5%) from a single cohort of over 40 students.

I have many years of experience writing resources and texts that support teachers and give students the edge in their exams and Economics Factory has grown to share this expertise with you.

Our exemplar answer resources have helped students and teachers work together to boost grades for a number of years. A hugely successful collaboration on the AQA set of answers with my wonderful former student Ella led me to create comprehensive sets of answers for Edexcel and OCR which have also sold spectacularly.

We know how loved these resources are from the feedback, such as: "Best results ever - know for a fact that students used your resources religiously."

In March 2021 the business grew significantly to include exclusive supply of the Economics books previously published by Anforme, including my own revision guides, and the publication of the market leading A level Economics magazine, Economics Today. We will offer an ever expanding collection of teaching resources through this website too.

Stick with us - we've got you covered!

Examiner assessed Model Answers used in over 500 schools

We've got comprehensive collections for AQA, Edexcel and OCR, covering all past papers for the current specifications of each.

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Teachers & Students love our resources

Whether it's our popular model answer collections, the hugely respected Anforme books, or the market leading Economics Today magazine, our resources are going down a storm! But don't take our word on it......read the reviews below! Need more convincing? Our collection of video testimonials can be accessed via our home page!

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The superb clarity of writing in Economics Factory’s AQA exemplar answers makes this an essential resource.  A definite welfare gain!

Head of Economics

Nottingham Free School

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“As an A level Economics teacher of over 30 years, Peter’s resources remain crucial to the delivery of my A level teaching in this subject.  I extensively use his model answers which students find highly informative and add significant value to their own subsequent responses.   I cannot commend his resources highly enough to you.”


Paul Smith

Head of Economics, Oaklands School

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These exam packs are by the far the most useful revision source I’ve used. The quality of answers and the detailed commentary makes me confident that I could achieve a high grade in A Level Economics. Just wish I found them earlier. Thanks, Peter/Ella!


Year 13, London

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I’ve just received my latest pack of model answers for the October 2020 session.  Many thanks to Peter Cramp for putting these together.

Would thoroughly recommend.  Suggested answer for every single question across all three papers AND written explanations for the multiple choice. These cover all questions on the current specification, including specimen papers. Invaluable!

Rob Stevenson

Head of Economics, GSAL

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“Fantastic resources and the model answers help students move from an A grade to an A*…brilliant!”

Louise Alderson

Principal Examiner, OCR

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Nikki Owen

Portsmouth College

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We got our best results ever.  I know for a fact that our students used your resources religiously.

Head of Economics


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Fabulous, value for money resource…finely tuned to demands of the tweaked OCR spec – invaluable for exam technique and understanding the nuanced demands of a wide variety of question types.

David Williams

Head of Economics, Warwick School

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