Microeconomics for A Level Year 1 and AS Level

Microeconomics for A Level Year 1 and AS Level

Everything you need for Year 12 Microeconomics from Andrew Threadgould and Amy Meacham.


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Andrew Threadgould and Amy Meachen of Dulwich College are both very experienced teachers and authors.

This book covers everything students need to know for their Year 12 Microeconomics courses.

It contains the following chapters: Part One: Markets The economic problem The theory of demand The theory of supply Markets and equilibrium Elasticity Interrelated markets and markets in action Part Two: Markets and government failure Introduction to market failure Monopoly power and competition Externalities Public, merit and demerit goods Factor immobility and inequality Government policy and government failure Each chapter ends with a number of Summary questions and Extension questions.

Printed in A4 format and in full colour the book runs to 90 pages including an index.