Microeconomics for A Level Year 2

Microeconomics for A Level Year 2

Everything you need for Year 13 Microeconomics from Robert Nutter.


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Robert Nutter is a Principal Examiner and Economics tutor at Harpenden Tutors and has written a number of books on microeconomics. This book is aimed at the A Level specification of all major exam boards and is also useful for Pre-U and IB courses.

The contents of the book are Section A: Size and growth of firms Unit 1 The role of the entrepreneur and the profit motive Unit 2 The birth and growth of firms Unit 3 Forms of growth Section B: Analysis of price and output decisions Unit 4 Costs and revenue Unit 5 The behaviour of the profit maximising firm Unit 6 Alternative goals of the firm Section C: The structure-conduct-performance model Unit 7 Perfect competition Unit 8 Monopoly Unit 9 Monopolistic competition Unit 10 Oligopoly Unit 11 Contestable markets theory Unit 12 Economic efficiency and the conditions necessary for its attainment Unit 13: Monopsony Section D: Policy issues Unit 14 Technological change Unit 15 Privatisation and regulation Unit 16 Competition policy in the UK and the European Union Unit 17 The market for corporate control Unit 18 Government policy towards the private sector.

The book is printed in A4 format and in full colour, running to 120 pages, including an index.